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ARC Review: The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune

Thank you to Tor Teen and NetGalley for the e-ARC to read and review!
Note: *NEW* Pub Date: on sale July 14, 2020.

Image via NetGalley

Genre: Queer Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy
Series: The Extraordinaries #1
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: YES!!!


ABOUT: Some people are extraordinary. Some are just extra. TJ Klune’s YA debut, The Extraordinaries, is a queer coming-of-age story about a fanboy with ADHD and the heroes he loves.

Nick Bell? Not extraordinary. But being the most popular fanfiction writer in the Extraordinaries fandom is a superpower, right?

After a chance encounter with Shadow Star, Nova City’s mightiest hero (and Nick’s biggest crush), Nick sets out to make himself extraordinary. And he’ll do it with or without the reluctant help of Seth Gray, Nick’s best friend (and maybe the love of his life).


My Review:
The Extraordinaries is my new co-number one read of 2020. This unforgettable story had me laughing from start to finish. With a remarkable and precious main character at the end, readers will walk away from this story with a whole new – dare I say it – extraordinary sense of self.

Nick is a character after my own heart. He is beyond kind and incredibly quirky. He has the best group of friends that are the ultimate squad goals. Klune illustrates a well-rounded representation of ADHD.

Nick’s journey to be as extraordinary as the superhero, Shadow Star, is a journey unlike any other. His infatuation is the very definition of fanboy and I was loving every minute of it. Nick’s character growth drives home the point that disabled does not mean one is able.

Nick’s dad is my new father fictional dad/father figure. The love for his son is so beautiful. He only wants the best for his son, to be able to independently navigate life without getting into trouble. And Cap, Nick’s dad’s boss, is also an incredible father-figure to Nick.

This might be a cooler superhero story than The Incredibles, which is saying a lot. The existence of superheros, aka Extraordinaries, is so effortlessly a normal aspect of every day life. Plus Nova City, the setting of the story, sounds like a classic name for a place you’d read about in any superhero comic. And then there’s the names give to the two heroes focused on in the story: Shadow Star and Pyro Storm!

I did not see the plot twist coming! I thought I knew but was pleasantly wrong. It made the story even more amazing and meaningful – almost allegorical!

Also, poor Officer Rookie! He was not prepare to take on a person like Nick Bell and his friends. Their interactions were hilarious!

Also, also, the obvious romances was just too adorkable – loved it!

The Extraordinaries is an phenomenal story that everyone should read. With likable characters, a creative plot, hysterical dialogue, and feel-good moments, you will not be disappointed.

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