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Manga Review: Days by Tsuyoshi Yasuda (Volumes 1-7)

*review modified from what I wrote on Goodreads to give an overall review of volumes 1-7*

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Manga, Graphic Novels
Series: Days
# of Volumes: 18 / ongoing (English translation)
Recommend To Others?: Yes

ABOUT: [from Vol. 1] During his last spring break before starting high school, Tsukushi Tsukamoto meets Jin Kazama, who invites him to a pick-up soccer game. Their chance meeting, and his first-ever experience with soccer, move kind-hearted, timid Tsukushi to enroll in his new high school’s soccer club, which is among the strongest in all of Japan. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, there’s something amazing hidden inside Tsukushi’s heart…and through the trials and tribulations of his time in the soccer club, it’s beginning to blossom!


My Review: Days is such a great sports anime. Like other in the sports genre, Tsukamoto, the MC, is lovable and often underestimated and the team is full of adorkable weirdos. So when I found the manga for purchase I was ecstatic and eager to read. Seiseki is one of my favorite manga/anime sports teams!

The first volume was an ok introduction to the story. It was missing the high energy level that the anime has but was still cute.

Tsukamoto slowly – very slowly – grows into his own in a way only he can. He’s such a lovable character who almost everyone keeps underestimating just because of his personality and the way he looks. He is a precious gift from above! But it’s an uphill battle for him as he struggles to learn how to be an effective soccer player and member of Seiseki.

Seiseki goes through several emotional highs and lows that only serve to make the team stronger. The players are very determined to win and uphold the team’s legacy. Seiseki has a top tier soccer program.

Mizuki is a beast! He’s one of my favorite characters. What he lacks in words – which most cannot understand – he makes up for in his skill on the field.

Some of my favorite parts take place when the team goes to training camps. I think it is there where you start to see character growth not just from Tsukamoto but from other members on the team.

Big things are happening. I left off during a crucial tournament for Seiseki, so I’m looking forward to seeing how far the team will go and if they can make their dreams of representing Japan come true.

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