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Username Bookstack Challenge

Hey there, Bookworms!

Over the weekend I dared to attempt a bookstack challenge by a fellow bookstagrammer, @riahwamby‘s, called #readyourusername challenge and succeeded for the most part. You make a bookstack with books whose titles begin with each letter of your Instagram username.

This was difficult as my username is really long. But the hardest part was finding three books that start with the letter “O.” I only owned two books, so the last one* is missing. I did however insert a book that I’d already read.

My Insta-Username Stack: @thebookshelfcorner

[T]ouch of Power

[O]live’s Ocean
[O]f Shadow Born
[K]night of the Silver Circle
[S]now Like Ashes
[H]alt’s Peril
[L]ost Queen, The
[F]lame of Sevenwaters

[O]nce and For All*
[R]ed Queen
[N]at Enough
[E]rak’s Ransom
[R]oyal Ranger, The

I enjoyed this challenge and got a very lovely picture of these books. My favorites from this stack (which I’d also recommend) are Bloodhound, Snow Like Ashes, Flame of Sevenwaters, Once and For All, Erak’s Ransom, and The Royal Ranger. I hope everyone has a great week!

Happy Reading!!!

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