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Book Review: The Blood King by Abigail Owen

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Inferno Rising #2
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUTRuthless dragon king Ladon Ormarr must keep his throne at all costs. And now, with war on the horizon, he’ll need a miracle. Luckily, the fates have dropped Skylar Amon right into his lap.

Except he may have met his match.

The feisty Amon sister has no fear — of him or any other dragon shifter — is brash, doesn’t stick to protocols, and regularly offends his warriors and advisers.

Skylar also has no intention of sticking around. She doesn’t believe in the whole destined mates thing and believes all dragon kings to be dangerous. But if it means taking out the High King who murdered her parents, she’ll put up with Ladon… temporarily.

But the fates have other plans. And when Skylar disappears in the middle of a battle, Ladon will burn down the world to find her.


My Review: The Blood King was as amazing a sequel as I thought it would be! This is what I love about paranormal romances. The world-building was easily immersive and magical despite my having not read book 1.

I first discovered The Blood King on NetGalley and I was enamored by the synopsis and the gorgeous cover. I loved that it would feature dragon shifters and phoenixes (quadruplet sisters which is awesome). I just had to read this book asap!

I really enjoyed the sisterhood in this book. Skylar is very protective of her sisters. She wastes no time attempting to rescue one of her sisters, Kasia, from evil dragon kings. Skylar exhibits a hard exterior. She dons thick armor around her emotions so she can focus on keeping her sisters safe. I like that she doesn’t insta-fall head over heels for Landon (essentially the “villain” her mother had grilled into them since birth). What’s even more likable is they both are willing to work with each other (as mates and comrades towards the greater good) while making an effort to earn each other’s respect/trust.

Landon is your typical alpha-male who does what needs to be done to keep his people safe and oust the some of the current regime of older dragon kings. His reputation makes him feared by many. But there is a softer side to the rough exterior. He is the perfect match for Skylar as they both are skilled fighters (literally and figuratively), are stubborn to a fault, and passionate. I liked the small adorable moments between them.  As with other characters, Landon has an interesting backstory, establishing why a rebellion is taking place at all.

The action/fight scenes were epic, clashes back and forth where the outcome could go either way at any minute. There’s so much tension and suspense because who knew what the actual antagonist would do to maintain his false kingship. This ruthless antagonist is well composed character and a worthy opponent to the protagonists.

I really enjoyed The Blood King and look forward to reading more of the Infernal Rising series. I would recommend this book if you like paranormal romances, dragons, phoenixes, stories with rebellions and captivating, complex plots.

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