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ARC Manga Review: A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation by Misake, Momochi, Sando (Volume 2)

Thank you to Independent Publishers Group, TokyoPop, and NetGalley for the e-ARC to read and review!

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Genre: Manga, Fantasy
Series: A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation (ongoing)
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: After their first successful adventure together, Lizel has officially formed a party with his guard and companion, the famous adventurer Gil. A renowned swordsman known by the moniker Single Stroke for his ability to take down any enemy with just one swipe, Gil has promised to protect Lizel as they become an official part of the adventurer’s guild — and the two are already making waves!

Lizel’s charming personality has earned him a few friends by now, among them a young appraiser named Judge, the grandson of a rich merchant from the mercantile capital of Marcade. When he asks them to accompany him as guards on a trip to visit his grandfather, Lizel happily accepts the opportunity to sightsee and explore in such a famous country. Gil, on the other hand, is more excited about seeing if there are any super-strong monsters to fight in Marcade’s Labyrinth. It’s time for the newly-formed party to prove their mettle!


My Review: The adventure begins albeit at a leisurely pace in the merchant town of Marcade. Lizel’s joy at the sights and curiosity are infectious. Lizel is eager to sight-see while Gil just wants to test his skills against powerful opponents.

I love how smitten Judge, who accompanies Lizel and Gil to Marcade, is with Lizel. Judge is so darling and I hope he becomes a member of their party. I think he’d be a delightful addition to the group.

Lizel and Gil are so compatible with each other and are surely on track to becoming fast friends. They are an eye-catching pair in more ways than one so of course strange trouble follows. Lizel is very astute and it’s interesting how he manages to solve pieces to any puzzle he and Gil are faced with.

Those last few scenes between the two were very appealing and I wonder how what took place will affect their relationship going forward.

Volume 1 (ARC review)

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