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Book Review: The Boss by Abigail Owen

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Fire’s Edge #1
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: Finn Conleth leads his team of enforcer dragon shifters with an iron fist and a cold heart. Every dragon seeks his destined mate, but the process to turn the woman he once thought was his killed her and devastated him. He will never risk his heart again. His team is his family now. When his body eventually gives out, he’ll leave, living his last days alone.

Delaney Hamilton moved across the country to escape the freak fires that plague her. But when another suspicious fire erupts and rapidly escalates around her, her hopes for a new life go up in smoke. She has no choice but to turn to the mysterious men who come to her aid.

Finn knows the fire is dragon-caused, which puts Delaney’s problems directly in his jurisdiction. No matter how her wounded grey eyes call to every part of him, he refuses to risk her life in the mating process.

Until another dragon threatens to claim Delaney for his own, and Finn has to sacrifice everything to keep her alive…


My Review: The Boss is an intense and magical paranormal romance with amazing characters and fantastic world-building. I couldn’t put it down, eager to know more and charmed by these very handsome dragon shifters.

The Boss has an interesting premise that I found very appealing. There are specialized groups of dragons around the globe who monitor the day to day, taking care of rogues and fires caused by dragons, and ensuring that humans never discover dragons exist. I like that they’re kind of like firefighters.

Finn is certainly the boss and takes his job seriously. He has a lot to handle as the leader but will do his duty regardless of the danger. Underneath his hard exterior is a wounded heart by the loss of his potential mate. The idea of “mates” in the world Owen has created is sad but different than other PNRs I’ve read.

Delaney is a very likable character. And the mystery surrounding her is interesting. She is plagued by random fires and a stalker. She also may be a potential mate. Her backstory is just as tragic as Finn’s and that I think connected them just as, if not more than, their physical attraction. So figuring out that what Delaney is exactly really kept my interest.

There are different variables going on in the story that made it enjoyable and keen to read on. I liked that Delaney and Finn’s relationship started casually and short-term because it made where they ended up at the end of the story much more meaningful. Not to mention the group has to contend with unexplained fires happening and a rogue group of dragons looking to subvert the current (and out-dated) mating process and dragon way of life. The Boss was a really terrific read and set the stage just right for book 2.

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