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Book Review: Home to Me by Catherine Bybee

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Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Series: Creek Canyon #2
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: After Erin Fleming escapes from her controlling and abusive ex, she finds refuge in the heart of Santa Clarita, California. Eager to start over, she has a new name, a new look, and a new career. Settled into a private guesthouse, Erin can breathe free. Far from the shadows she’s outrun, Erin is finally learning to live for herself. Her new unexpected friendship with her landlord starts to crack open the armor Erin’s enclosed herself in. But it’s Matt who speeds up the pace of Erin’s heart and makes her wish for things she believes she can never have.

Matt Hudson, a firefighter in one of California’s wildfire epicenters, has a passion for danger. He lives for the adrenaline rush his profession awards him. But his protective instincts take over once Matt meets Erin. So does an attraction he can’t deny. Above all else, he’s determined to prove to Erin that she can trust him. As the sparks between them ignite, so does a real-world danger. Erin’s past is not letting go. It’s just in hiding.

Before Erin’s ex finds her, she and Matt have to find him. And finally put an end to everything that’s becoming a threat to their love, and to Erin’s life.

CW: Abusive relationship (see end of post for 24/7 support and resources)


My Review: Home to Me is as swoon-worthy as it is heartbreaking. I didn’t want this story to end. Good thing this is a series!

Our leading lady Erin, a freelance book editor who longs to be a journalist, has been working hard to get her life back to some semblance of “normal” while keeping her head down and be unnoticeable. But the threat of her abusive ex remains as can be seen in how she lives, thinks, and feels. The long and taxing challenges Erin faced felt realistic and were well-written. Her backstory is heartbreaking and unfortunately a reality for many. The author doesn’t sugar-coating the trauma of abuse in the before, during and after. I like Erin’s strength and tenacity to regain control of her life so she can heal. She is a fighter.

Matt, our dashing and passionate firefighter and love-interest, has a big heart for his co-workers and family who he would do anything to protect. He has been attracted to Erin for a while but she’s always kept him at arm’s length. I like how protective yet very respectful and patient Matt is with Erin. He wasn’t the solution to her problems, but an encouragement and a push in the right direction. I also like Matt’s firehouse family even though they only appeared for a small portion of the book.

Really the support system in this book was endearing and great to see present. It’s a huge part of the story, especially for Erin as her sparkling attraction heats up. Such support helps us do or go after what we want that we otherwise might be too scared to do. There is strength in numbers, which is definitely the case in Home to Me.

Alluring and heavy, Home to Me had everything I love about Catherine Byee’s books. This book stole my heart and shook my feelings all around. Great characters. Great plot. Great chemistry. Suspense that kept my attention. The story really embodied how the idea of home can also be a person. I can’t wait to read more of this series! I also recommend reading the author’s note for this novel.

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