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Book Merch: Thoughts?

Do you collect any book merch? If so, for which books and what kinds do you like to get?

There’s so much cool book merch to be had. Bookmarks, character art, pins, candles, socks, funko pops and more! I didn’t how popular collecting book merch was until I joined Instagram.

I haven’t really collected book merch in a long, long time. I own some. Some posters and a gifted blanket from my Twilight obsession days. I have a pin for Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch, and a bookmark for Winterspell by Claire Legrand.

While so much bookish creativity is being made, I don’t see myself actively getting merch anytime soon if at all. I’d rather spend that money on buying more books.

If I were to collect book merch it would for sure be candles. I love looking at pictures of other book lover’s bookish candles displayed amongst their shelves.

One thing I admire are the incredibly talented artists who create character art. My favorite digital artist is Dominique Wesson. I wish could make such beautiful artwork but I’m horrible at drawing people.

It always amazes me how much bookish merch there is to collect. And I like how happy and excited it makes other book lovers. Perhaps someday I’ll join in the fun.

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