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Book Review: Wolf Kissed by Heather Renee

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Luna Marked #1
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: Fighting fate isn’t for the weak.

I am many things, but a supernatural being isn’t one of them. At least until a crescent mark appears on my wrist and everything changes. I’ve been marked by a wolf goddess, yet no one knows what that means, myself included.

On top of that, I find out my best friend is a werewolf and her pack alpha is my mate. Just like that my future is supposed to be decided—unless I find a way out.

When fate sends a human mate my way, I’m certain it has to be a mistake. An alpha is supposed to have an equal at his side. Cait might be strong in her own ways, but what she is makes her an easy target in my world.

Regardless, Cait is mine to protect and I have every intention of showing her this is where she belongs—in my pack, by my side.


My Review: Wolf Kissed was recommended in an author’s newsletter. I was immediately drawn in by the premise and the beautiful cover, so started reading right away. I did like Wolf Kissed overall. I wasn’t wowed, but I do think this story is worth the read.

Cait is a strong person and a free spirit. After the death of her mother she has wandered through life on her own terms until the day she meets Roman and her world is irrevocably changed. Cait takes learning about werewolves really well – probably the best I’ve ever seen in a paranormal romance. I like that she didn’t immediately accept the status quo of this new world and what it meant to be someone’s mate. She wants to take time to acclimate and figure out what she has become and the fact that she’s no longer considered human. At times I was annoyed by her stubbornness mostly because she kept whining about the same things over and over again. Cait is kind and brave, easily showing others the good in her.

Roman is a young alpha who has done well for himself with keeping his pack safe and strong. He wasn’t too happy about having a human for a mate – angry even. But I understood the rationale behind his anger. Despite a rough start, Roman is fair to Cait and practical about what this new relationship means for the pack. Even when it hurt. Of course, he has his fair share of mess-ups. But I don’t think he gets enough credit for the way he handled such an unusual and precarious situation, especially with the conflicts from within and without the pack.

I like Roman’s parents, his Beta, Vaughn, and Cait’s best friend, Embry. I wish we could have gotten to know more side characters, but that’s ok. But I think all of the characters we do get to know were the right one’s to enhance the plot and central conflicts. So maybe the next book there will be time.

Wolf Kissed isn’t like other werewolf/mates stories more commonly seen. What stood out to me was that the characters behaved, thought, and reacted was logical, rational, and realistic.

I see a lot of potential for this story and the world the author has created. I like the mystery surrounding the Luna Mark and the cliffhanger was pleasantly unexpected! I am interested in reading the next book. I’m really rooting for Cait and Roman’s relationship.

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