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Book Review: Bat Boy by Christina Lee

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Genre: New Adult, LGBTQIA+, Sports Romance
Series: Easton U Pirates #1
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: Brady Donovan

With a baseball scholarship to Easton University and awesome family and friends, my life is pretty golden. Except, things have never come together for me in the romance department. Until Kellan Crawford walks onto the field as the team’s newest bat boy. Bells and whistles go off in my body, and just like that, I’m totally crushing on a guy for the first time in my life. Too bad he’s the coach’s son and officially off-limits.

Kellan Crawford

I’m working toward my statistics degree, so landing the bat-boy position with the Easton U Pirates is right up my alley. It keeps me close to the action on the field, even if that means hauling equipment, picking up sweaty jockstraps, and putting up with the players’ antics. My dad’s the coach, and his number-one rule is never to play favorites…which probably includes getting too friendly with the team captain. But Brady Donovan’s annoyingly perfect smile and protective nature are making that nearly impossible.

When something shifts between us at an away game, everything is thrown off-kilter. Donovan’s never been with a guy before, and I certainly don’t want to be his test case. But I can’t seem to help myself. He’s sweet and hot and somehow charms the baseball pants right off me. If Coach ever catches wind of this, he’ll bench us both. Disappointing my dad might kill me, but so would losing the guy who makes my heart pound harder than a home run in the bottom of the ninth.

So much for not playing favorites.


My Review: Bat Boy was a win for me! I could not put this book down – it was so good!

Team Captain Brady and Bat Boy Kellan have been secretly crushing on each other unbeknownst to the other.

Brady doesn’t understand his attraction to Kellan because Brady always saw himself as heterosexual even though he never had as much interest in girls as other guys. Meanwhile, Kellan is openly gay but never thought it was possible that someone like Brady could or ever would reciprocate his feelings. Plus Kellan made a promise to his dad (the coach) to not play favorites, so has to keep Brady at a distance. As soon as the two begin to acknowledge their feelings, sparks fly!

I loved Brady and Kellan’s relationship and the adorable moments as they were getting to know each other better. Brady was always so kind to and protective of Kellan and made sure Kellan felt included with the team despite Kellan continuously turning him down. Brady wants to be more than teammates with Kellan but first wants to understand his sexuality. He also appreciates how kind Kellan has been to his younger brother (who is autistic) and spends time talking baseball stats with him.

I liked that Kellan, recognizing that Brady is hesitantly exploring his sexuality with a guy for the first time, supports and guides Brady. That there’s no timeline to coming out and that they don’t have to do anything he’s not comfortable with or ready for.

Their forbidden romance was so spellbinding and tense because at any moment things could have taken a turn for the worst. Neither wants to be someone’s dirty little secret. But as Brady and Kellan’s relationship grows to beautiful and steamy heights, so does the risk of discovery.

The team is trying to become champions this season, so Brady needs to stay focused and on top of his game. Not to mention he’s unsure how his coming out or being in an open relationship with Kellan will affect the team, especially because he’s the captain and Kellan is the coach’s son.

The coach is really tough but fair to all his players, including Kellan. If he discovered their relationship, Brady could be benched and Kellan kicked off the team. Kellan really enjoys his job because he gets to use his knowledge of statistics to help the team and get experience for the future.

Bat Boy is the first I’ve read by Christina Lee and I loved it. The pacing of the story was really nice with the right amount of tension, tender yet fiery romance, funny moments, and conflict. I liked the way Brady and Kellan comported themselves. There were also likable secondary characters. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series, Home Plate (which was set up rather well in this story), and more books by Lee. If you love new adult and sports romances, Bat Boy is the book for you.

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