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Six for Sunday: Characters I’d Like to Swap Lives With

Six for Sunday is a weekly blog post by Steph @ A Little But A Lot where you share 6 books that to share to go with that Sunday’s prompt. To learn more, click here.

Happy Sunday!

Today’s Six for Sunday prompt had book lovers consider which characters they’d swap lives with.

I don’t often think about swapping lives with the characters I read about, but when I do I think I’d be happy to switch with these six characters:

1) DAINE (The Immortals series)

Daine has wild magic, which allows her to talk to animals and shape shift into other animals but I wouldn’t want to use the ability to control an animal’s free will.

2) BOB (Ranger’s Apprentice series)

Bob trains the horses used by Rangers, an elite group of highly trained individuals who protect the kingdom of Araluen. Ranger horses are also specially bred and trained in such areas as agility, endurance, and commands. They’re also my favorite animal companions in books.

3) JENNY (Ranger’s Apprentice series)

Jenny is a gifted chef and after her apprenticeship quickly gains notoriety for her amazing cooking. I can follow a receipt and push buttons on a microwave, but it’d be great to have better cooking skills to make yummy treats and delicious meals.

4) SAM (Tales From Verania series)

Sam of Wilds is an apprentice wizard with immense, untapped magical powers, and has the best family and friends and love anyone could ask for. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do magic? Plus, the deep love and support that can be found within found families is always beautiful.

5) CELIE (Castle Glower series)

Celie is a princess who lives in a magical, sentient castle that changes itself whenever it feels like it. I would have a lot of fun living in and exploring Castle Glower because I’d never be bored.

6) NARWHAL (Narwhal and Jelly series)

Narwhal is the most positive and happiest narwhal ever. Narwhal makes each book feel new and exciting. It looks like being a narwhal would be a lot of fun.

As Always, Happy Reading!!!

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