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Top Ten Tuesday: Older Reads I Loved and Will Always Recommend

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme originally created by The Broke and the Bookish, but is now run by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Happy Tuesday!

Today is a freebie prompt, so I chose to do older reads that I loved and will always recommend.

Alanna: the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

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Alanna takes control over her own life by convincing her twin brother two swap places with her: she would go and become a knight and he would go to study magic. Alanna’s story is an alluring epic adventure. She easily became one of my top favorite characters of all time.


The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill

Image via Goodreads

A young warrior with the best (and longest) name ever becomes queen after her father falls in battle and works hard to keep her kingdom together and safe. She meets different magical and supernatural beings, which was a lot of fun. It was a cool trilogy that I really enjoyed.


Dragon and Thief by Timothy Zahn

Image via Goodreads

My first foray into science fiction and it was indeed an epic adventure. I loved the way the story was told. I was hooked from the beginning. The concept is really cool. Jack (the thief) forms a symbiotic relationship with Draycos (the dragon) who takes refuge on Jack’s body – kind of like a tattoo, though can at times take a partial corporeal form. Along their space adventure, a friendship/bond forms.


The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Image via Goodreads

I didn’t know this was based on a fairytale when I first read this book. It sounded interesting and I ended up devouring the rest of the books in the series – it was so good! This story was so charming and I loved the characters. I also loved the relationship that blossoms between her and her intended, even though he doesn’t know she is the real princess he is supposed to marry. The book’s a good rainy day or beach read. Quick, fun, and pleasant.


The Green and the Gray by Timothy Zahn

Image via Goodreads

I read this standalone a long time ago and I remember being wowed by it. It’s one of the few books I’ve managed to reread over my long years as an avid reader. A couple whose relationship seems to be kindling out suddenly become the character of an unusual young girl. Little did they know that they would somehow become involved in a long-standing feud between two alien races: the Greens and the Gray. It’s a great sci-fi story that I would love to reread again someday.


Marked by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Image via Goodreads

I love this book and series – cringe and all. I was really into vampires and werewolves around the time I first started this series (thank you, Twilight). I just loved the world-building and the characters. I liked how the main character, Zoey, went from ordinary human to over-powered, goddess-touched, vampire priestess. There were a lot of cringy moments that were just too much. And I do think the series was 12 books too long. But House of Night will always hold a special place in my heart. Marked is the only book of the series I don’t own a physical copy of – one day!


Mister Monday by Garth Nix

Image via Goodreads

I don’t remember why I decided to read this book (I read the whole series forever ago). But what I liked most about this series is that the antagonists were named after a day of the week and embody one of the seven deadly sins. Teen me thought that was a really cool idea for a fantasy story.


My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Image via Goodreads

This along with Twilight were my first introduction to the love triangle trope. I didn’t mind it in this book. I was too interested in the fantasy elements, how the MC was a banshee whose scream signified that someone was about to die. Her boyfriend’s brother Todd was still around, dead but a reaper. I really enjoyed this series and the covers are gorgeous.


Sandry’s Book by Tamora Pierce

Image via Goodreads

This is the first book in the series but I accidentally read the third book first. My world changed forever. I love all the books equally and all of the characters. I could probably talk about all this for days. This series means a lot to me.


Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Image via Goodreads

I attribute my love of faeries to this book/series. It was as richly magical as it was sometimes decadently dark. I’m not one for dark fantasy – or dark anything – but this book drew me in. It’s one of my all-time favorite books. Love it!

Did you make a list for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday? What’s a book you read long ago that you absolutely loved and why?

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