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Book Review: A Flawed Scotsman by Hildie McQueen

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Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Clan Ross #4
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: When love blossoms between two unwilling people, will hopeless odds end it all?

Ruari Ross, cousin to the laird, ponders a marriage arrangement that would ally Clan Ross with Clan Fraser. After a lonely youth, Ruari wants the companionship of a wife without the complication of a love match. When he stumbles upon an injured woman in the forest, he not only saves her life, but changes the course of his entire future.

Strong-willed daughter of Laird Fraser, Esme has avoided all her parents’ matchmaking attempts. Above all else, she wishes to avoid marrying a Ross. During a jaunt in the forest, she is mortally wounded and left for dead. When she awakens, she realizes her courageous rescuer is not only a Ross, but the man who would be her husband.

As Esme recovers beneath Ruari’s watchful eye, an unexpected love blossoms, and Ruari soon discovers his betrothed is not only a fiery beauty, but the best archer he’s ever seen. But when a massive enemy army attacks, Clan Fraser faces hopeless odds. With the shadow of war looming, will these reluctant hearts find love, or will a brutal attack end it all?

There can only be one outcome. Triumph or death!


My Review: A Flawed Scotsman was a pretty good story. I especially liked the main characters.

Ruari enjoys his horses and solitude. His father left when he was young and since then his mother has wanted nothing to do with him. Ruari is level-headed, strong, and honorable. Fate throws him an unexpected curve ball in the form of Esme, daughter of the Fraser laird.

I love Esme’s personality and courage. I like that she isn’t complacent like her mother just because she’s a woman. She loves her clan and wants to play an active role in keeping them safe. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to pick up a weapon in defense, especially from the ruthless Mackenzie clan.

Ruari and Esme mesh well together because of their shared duty and love for clan and family. They’ll do what’s right even at the expense of their own personal happiness. Their relationship isn’t always cuteness and heated passion, but sometimes too impulsive, which brought a lot of contention.

The stakes are high for the most part but some conflicts were too brief. A few transitions between scenes were jarring and disorienting. The very last scene I hated because it seemed random, ridiculous, and out of character.

I liked the story and want to read the other books in this series. If you’re looking for a good, fast-paced historical romance, this may be the book/series for you.

CW: suggested occurrence of rape, trauma (see 24/7 resources below)

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