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ARC Review: A Swift and Savage Tide by Chloe Neill

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Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for the eARC to read and review! A Swift and Savage Tide is out now!

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Genre: Historical Fantasy
Series: Captain Kit Brightling #2
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: Captain Kit Brightling is Aligned to the magic of the sea, which makes her an invaluable asset to the Saxon Isles and its monarch, Queen Charlotte. The Isles and its allies will need every advantage they can get: Gerard Rousseau, the former Gallic emperor and scourge of the Continent, has escaped his island prison to renew his quest for control of the Continent.

Gerard has no qualms about using dangerous magic to support his ambitions, so Kit and the crew of her ship, the Diana, are the natural choice to find him—and help stop him. But then Kit’s path unexpectedly crosses with that of the dashing and handsome Rian Grant, Viscount Queenscliffe, who’s working undercover on the Continent in his own efforts to stop Gerard. And he’s not the only person Kit is surprised to see. An old enemy has arisen, and the power he’ll wield on Gerard’s behalf is beautiful and terrible. Sparks will fly and sails will flutter as Kit and crew are cast into the seas of adventure to fight for queen and country.


My Review: Another great read from Chloe Neill! A Swift and Savage Tide is an excellent high seas adventure full of perilous battles at sea, romance that defies the status quo, a crew of charming, resilient characters, and one outstanding ship captain who I admire.

Book 2 ups the stakes, increases the risks. Once more, Kit proves how valiant and capable she is as a ship captain and leader. She’ll do whatever it takes to stop Gerard Rousseau from regaining power to take over the Continent. He continues to use dangerous magic and dangerous people to achieve his goals, his time in exile proving quite useful much to Kit’s frustration.

But in her pursuits and encounters with a deadly blast from the past, Kit comes to learn that there’s more to being aligned (having magic) than what people have always feared. The backstory behind that fear she a lot of light on some of the current strife. I like that Kit is open to exploring her magic further (though with a healthy amount of skepticism and wariness). I like the potential this aspect of the story could have in the future since magic has been a source of reluctance and contention.

I loved the progression of Kit and Grant’s relationship, rocky as it was for most of this book. Even though Grant has always treated her as an equal and that they work so well together, Kit is reluctant to fully embrace her feelings for him. To Kit, they are incompatible because they come from vastly different backgrounds and social status. She doesn’t want to lose herself, the sea to which she’s aligned to, and all that she’s accomplished.

As Kit tries to come to terms with the new possibilities of magic and her deep feelings for Grant, it’s clear that there is more to her than previously realized/known. This wonderfully thickens the plot. I can’t wait to see how all she’s learned unfolds in the next book.

Every conflict in book 2 was more suspenseful and dangerous than the last. The sea battles were exhilarating and tore at my emotions because Gerard always seemed one step ahead. The strength of the Diana (Kit’s ship) was considerably tested. The author does a great job making action scenes worthwhile.

In my review of book 1, one thing I had a problem with was that conflicts seemed to resolve too easily or were short-lived. That was thankfully not the case this time around, so I felt more invested in the journey and outcomes.

Book 2 was loads of fun for all its high volume of tension and angst. A small moment I liked a lot was when Kit and other characters were discussing their doubt that tiny, invisible (bacteria/germs, as we now know them) creatures made people sick or caused infections. It was just a light, humorous moment after a troubling battle.

I am truly enjoying this series and following along Captain Kit Brightling’s adventures. High seas stories are always entertaining. I can’t wait to read on!

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