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Book Review: Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee

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Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Weekday Brides #1
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆
Recommend to Others?: Yes

ABOUT: Blake Harrison:
Rich, titled, and charming…and in need of a wife by Wednesday. Blake turns to Sam Elliot, who isn’t the businessman he expected. Instead, Blake is faced with Samantha Elliot, beautiful and feisty with a voice men call 1-900 numbers to hear.

Samantha Elliot:
Owner of matchmaking firm Alliance and not on the marital menu…that is, until Blake offers her ten million dollars for a one-year contract. And there’s nothing indecent about this proposal. The money will really help with her family’s medical bills. All Samantha will need to do is keep her attraction to her new husband to herself and avoid his bed.

But Blake’s toe-curling kisses and sexy charm prove too difficult for Sam to resist. It was a marriage contract that planned for everything…except falling in love.


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A pleasant marriage of convenience story featuring two strong, dynamic characters with complicated pasts.

Blake and Samantha complement each other really well: sharp, capable, self-assured, adaptable. I like that they cut to the chase and agreed to have a mutually satisfying (and quite steamy) relationship built on open and honest communication instead of spending an entire novel fighting their obvious attraction for one another. That was a nice change of pace.

When their pasts come back to threaten their loved ones and what they most desire, Samantha and Blake work together effortlessly as a team to maintain the facade of happy newlyweds. However, the realization of their true feelings for one another soon starts to unravel those carefully laid plans. That enhanced the uncertainty of if or when they’d get caught.

Getting to know the main characters was an up and down experience (in a good way). Samantha’s painful past was particularly tough and frustrating to read. I liked how both still tried to build a life worth living for themselves despite what others may think.

Overall, Wife by Wednesday was a good story with a sweet and spicy romance and likable main characters.

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