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Excerpt Review: House of Beating Wings by Olivia Wildenstein

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DAY 16

Chapters (prologue & 1st) provided by author’s newsletter.

Genre: New Adult, Fantasy
Series: The Kingdom of Crows #1
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommend to Others?: Yes


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Prediction: House of Beating Wings is going to be amazing! Only two chapters in and I am in need of more!

What first drew me in was this is an auto-read author, it’s a new adult fantasy (which I need more of!), and it will have fae AND crow shifters (yes, please!).

Fallon Rossi (MC) has charmed me! The beauty of her character is her compassion, which will be a great stark contrast against all those who view her with scorn or shame because she’s a halfling.

Additionally, you get a good sense of the social divide by blood in the world the author’s created that I think will heighten the conflicts to come since Fallon is friends with a pure-blooded fae prince, Dante (ohhh, potential love interest maybe???).

I’m really interested in learning more details about how Fallon became friends with a prince, what happened to her mother, and about her grandmother (who seems strong, wise, and kind of revered).

I cannot wait to read the finished product!

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