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Spell Your Name With Book Character Names

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Do you ever get an idea in your head late at night when you should be asleep but you just have to get up and write the idea down? That was me a few weeks ago.

There I was. Trying to sleep but my mind was still active. I suddenly started thinking of blog post ideas. For the next hour or so, I wrote it all down.

I love a good bookish challenge because you get to revisit past reads you loved. Acronym challenges are one of my favorites to do. This time I thought of trying to spell my name with the names of book characters. Let me tell you it was not easy because I had nine letters, two of them “I”s to find names for. Here’s what I came up with:

Cartier – The Queen’s Rising duology

Halt – Ranger’s Apprentice series

Rho Grace – Zodiac series

Isabelle de Piaget – Dreams of Lilacs by Lynn Kurland

Sebastian Michaels – Black Butler

Tiggy – Tales from Verania series

Iolanthe MacLeod – My Heart Stood Still by Lynn Kurland

Niko (Niklaren) Goldeye – Circle of Magic series

Alanna of Trebond – Song of the Lioness series

The characters mentioned above are very likable and their respective books/series were all four or five stars for me. Cartier is a passion of knowledge and an amazing love interest for the MC. Halt is a grizzly Ranger who I adore. Rho is strong-willed and will do whatever it takes to stop the Thirteenth House (previously believed as a myth) from destroying the entire Zodiac. Isabelle proves she’s more than a pretty face and wants to be seen as somebody. Sebastian is one dashing demon and “one hell of a butler.” Tiggy is the sweetest, gentlest half giant who I love so much. Iolanthe is a ghost I remember being as strong and stern. Niko is a great mage and a wise teacher. And Alanna is a force to be reckoned with who dreams of becoming a knight.

Just a little fun, bookish activity for today. What book characters’ names would you use to spell your name?

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