Six for Sunday

Six for Sunday: Magical Characters I’d Love to Be Friends With

Six for Sunday

Six for Sunday is a weekly blog post by Steph @ A Little But A Lot where you share 6 books that to share to go with that Sunday’s prompt. To learn more, click here.

The stellar theme for this month’s Six for Sunday posts is “Magical May.” Today’s prompt is magical characters you’d love to be friends with.

This prompt is my kind of perfect for me because many of my favorite characters have magical abilities of all kinds and are some of the best people you’ll ever read about. For my list, I chose characters from Tamora Pierce’s books since she is my all-time favorite author. She also writes young adult fantasy, so her characters are perfect for today’s prompt.

Magical character I really want to be besties forever with are:

( 1 ) Daja Kisubo

Magic: metal

( 2 ) Diane (Veralidaine) Sarrasri

Magic: wild magic – communicate with animals; shape-shifting

( 3 ) Alanna the Lioness

Magic: healing

( 4 ) Beka (Rebekah) Cooper

Magic: hear spirits of the dead through pigeons; hear sounds & conversations that happen near dust spinners

( 5 ) Briar Moss

Magic: plants

( 6 ) Tris (Trisana) Chandler

Magic: weather

Who are some of your favorite magical characters that you would like to be friends with?

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