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Hi there! My name is Christina. I am a writer, blogger, and book reviewer who enjoys living life simply and creatively. The purpose of this blog is to share and connect with others on all things books and writing, and other miscellaneous things.

I find myself wholly inspired by a wide range of other creative pursuits, such as singing, dancing, music, musical theater, instrumental playing, drawing, and graphic design. But reading and writing have always been the top two things that spark my imagination.

There is nothing more soothing, more exciting than the written word. I love a good story featuring dynamic and engaging characters, oh-snap! plots, realistic and compelling conflicts, and innovative worlds. Basically, moving stories I can get so lost in that by the time I resurface I am thoroughly changed for the better.

I usually read young adult, fantasy, urban fantasy, romance, and paranormal romance, but also enjoy reading children’s literature and middle grade. I’m more inclined to write fantasy but am always open to writing within other genres if that is what the story dictates.

I hope that from this blog people find something new to read, can teach me something new about writing, find inspiration for their work, or have nerdy discussions about books. I post fairly regularly.

Thank you for viewing my blog!


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Disclaimer #1: Source of images in posts are royalty free images licensed under Creative Common CC0 via, which are sometimes edited in Paint or Autodesk Pixlr. For book reviews, cover images are used with no ill intent but to help provide all correct information about a book. Each comes from Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or NetGalley and is always linked back to its original source. All other images are created by me and are marked as such (see above or blog header image as examples).

Disclaimer #2The link to my Spreadshirt shop (BooksWrite) is not sponsored and not an affiliate link. Clicking on the link above (or the logo on the sidebar) does nothing but take you to the shop’s page. Should you chose to buy anything through my Shop or Spreadshirt – no obligation to you, but is greatly appreciated – I do receive a small commission from the final sales price. Feel free to check it out (feedback on designs is much appreciated).


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  1. Lovely blog you have here! I’ll be following from now on.


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