About Me


Hello, fellow Bookworms! I’m Christina and I love books.

I made this blog because I wanted to share and connect with others on all things books and writing, and other nerdy goodness.

I am inspired by many creative activities, such as writing, singing, dancing, music, musical theater, instrumental playing, drawing, and graphic design. But it’s books that inspire me the most.

There is nothing more soothing, more exciting than the written word. I love a good story featuring dynamic and engaging characters, oh-snap! plots, realistic and compelling conflicts, and innovative worlds. I enjoy getting lost in another realm and afterwards return to reality thoroughly changed for the better.

Genres I like to read are Young Adult Fantasy (my fave!), Paranormal Romance, Manga, Contemporary Romance, and Middle Grade. Because I love YA Fantasy so much I’m more inclined to write in that genre.

I have a system of How I Review Books, if you’re interested in learning more about that.

I hope that from this blog people find something new to read, can teach me something new about writing, find inspiration for their work, or have nerdy discussions about books.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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