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October Happenings!

Happy October!

Last month I didn’t post as much as I would have liked. But the highlight of Sept was earning my second badge on NetGalley for 10 reviews posted. The Bookshelf Corner was also nominated for The Cramm Award. And I made small progress in different areas of my life. Not a huge win but I guess any progress counts for something right now. I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting this month, likely a few times a week. But I hope you will like what get’s posted.

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Here’s what’s happening this October month:

The Blog

As of now I have no set posting schedule – I think that’s for the best until I can get on a better work schedule. Like I said earlier in this post, it’ll likely be a few times a week. I’ve also been thinking of further visually updating the blog. Not sure if that’ll actually happen and if it does it won’t be for some months.

The TBR List

New (Updated) TBR List –

Currently Reading:

  • Slaves of Socorro by John Flanagan (REVIEW COMING OCT 8)
  • Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce
  • (ARC) Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman

Call For Book Recommendations – what’s a good book that I definitely should read?

Novels & Other Writings

Continue writing 1st Draft of Novel Idea #1 (YA Fantasy)

Continue drafting full characters and plot of Novel Idea #3 (YA Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Novel Idea #2 (Fantasy) – On Hold – concept written but may partially change

Write a Short Story

Book Recommendation of the Month

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Published by St. Martin’s Press, February 26, 2013

Image via Goodreads

My Review of Eleanor & Park

As always, happy reading and happy writing!


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Writing Playlist #8: On Repeat Edition

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For this playlist I’ve included songs that I’ve recently been listening to on repeat – a mix of old and newer songs.


Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

The Greatest” by Sia

It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” – Glee version

Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

Sweet Sweet Melody” by Katie Sky

Dear Theodosia” – Hamilton

It’s Quiet Uptown” – Hamilton

You and Me” – Descendants 2

Touch” by Little Mix

Shut Up And Dance” by Walk the Moon

Fire and Gold” by Bea Miller

Past Playlists:
Disney (pt.1)
Disney (pt.2)

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Poem: “Someday” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner

“Someday” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner

Author’s Note: A blast-from-the-past poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy.

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there’ll be a beautiful castle

not chipped or broken but built strongly to shelter, to protect us

with its soaring indestructible walls that keep at bay

the monsters with yellow teeth and sharp metal objects.



there’ll be a warm fireplace to keep the blue tinge off our toes

as we wrap ourselves in blankets for comfort for once.

Spacious rooms–one for everyone!–with soft mattresses and pillows,

and see-through water filling tubs to get squeaky-clean in.



there’ll be tassels and ribbons, shoes that match,

and let’s not forget pretty dresses that fit.

They’ll drag on the floor–but that’s okay–

the floor is clean so they won’t get dirty.



there’ll be long tables overloaded with food and water–

I fear they’ll topple over before anything reaches our tummies!

We’ll eat like this all the time

instead of once in a while.


And on that someday

The king and queen will be happy and so will their subjects.

No one is sad or crying in this castle

because we’ll be inside the castle, warm and safe,

wearing lovely clothes and eating delicious food.


One day, if not today or the next day, but someday if I make it there.

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September Happenings!

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H A P P Y   S E P T E M B E R !

It’s back to business. My brief break last week was somewhat rejuvenating but necessary. I got some things done but not everything I wanted to. Summer may technically still be here but for me it always feels over come September. Which is fine because there is lots to do and accomplished during the next four months.

Here’s what’s happening this month:


The Blog
Last month I only posted on certain days and I kind of enjoyed having that particular posting schedule. So for September, I’ll only be posting Sun/Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat. We’ll see how that goes.

I made minor changes to the sidebar of the blog. And over the past month or so you may have noticed that my book reviews and Happenings posts are slightly different. It’ll take time to get used to but I like the changes I’ve made. I was going to make a few more changes to the blog but I think this color scheme and theme really works for me and what The Bookshelf Corner is.


The TBR List
Last week I finished my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge and I have a new TBR list ready to go. Once I finish the two books I’m currently reading, I’ll be reading four books all by Tamora Pierce. I was going to set another book-goal for this year but I think my goal is just going to be to finish every book I want to read before the year is over.

Currently Reading: Slaves of Socorro by John Flanagan | The King’s Champion by Xina Marie Uhl (ARC)

Reading Next: Magic Steps by Tamora Pierce (The Circle Opens, book 1)


Novel Updates
Sadly, none to speak of. But I’m not giving up on these ideas.


Book Recommendation of the Month

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
(The Books of Bayern, book 1)
Published by Bloomsbury, November 3, 2003

Image via Goodreads

As always, happy reading and happy writing!

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Weekend Writing Prompt #4

♦This weekend’s theme is: THE 5 SENSES♦

~ write a poem about each of the five senses without outright stating them ~



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Poem: “Books Are Infinite” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner

“Books Are Infinite” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner [2/17/2014]

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Books are infinite.

They are

a promise that things will be okay,
a secret to solving the day’s problems,
a confidant when looking for understanding,
a memory of the past, present, and future,
a door to new worlds undiscovered,
a blank slate to drench one’s imagination upon,
a new life, sometimes several lives in one,
a hammer to breaking outside the box
a comfort when the world is in a frenzy
a ticket when you need to get away for a while
a friend that will always be there for you
a teacher when even common sense seems senseless

Books are infinite.

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Recent Inspiration From Music And Dance

I know, I know. I’ve done on several posts of playlists to inspire your writing – click here for the most recent. But lately I’ve been reminiscing on certain songs and watching videos of amazing choreography that have really inspired me and allowed my imagination to run rampant.

Yes, I’ve also been inspired by dance. Dancing tells a story without words, utilizing the whole body to express emotions and communicate. So I just had to share with a few videos I’ve been playing on repeat recently.

I hope you enjoy these videos and, perhaps, find some inspiration for your writing or other passion.

Channel Source: Dance On


Channel Source: BeaMillerVEVO


Channel Source: Brian Friedman


Channel Source: JessieJVEVO


Channel Source: Brian Friedman


Channel Source: LABrecordsUK

And, as always, happy writing!