The Bookshelf Corner

A creative space for all things books and writing….

Recurring Posts

At The Bookshelf Corner, I strive to write various, original posts that are personal, entertaining, educational or a combination of the three. I do recurring posts a lot with miscellaneous posts mixed in. This page provides details about the types of recurring posts I do.


Book Reviews

The biggest part of the blog is book reviews because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I like sharing with you all books I find fascinating and highly engrossing. I write honest and spoiler-free reviews, each with basic information, a summary in my own words, and a review.

Quotes of the Day

I love quotes and I love sharing them. I always pick quotes that relate to books, reading, and/or writing.

Shakespeare Quotes

I have a fondness for Shakespeare’s plays. This is the same as a quote of the day but uses quotes from Shakespeare’s plays.


One the first of the month, I outline what I’ll be up to over the course of the month concerning my TBR list, things I’m writing and the blog. I also recommend a book each month. You can check out past recommendations I’ve made by clicking the “Books of the Month” tab.

My Literary Hero

I write a post profiling authors I consider to be my literary heroes.

Bookshelf Spotlight

I write a post highlighting/talk about/gush over a series or book(s) on my physical bookshelf.

Writing Playlist

A playlist I would play for when I write. Each list has its own theme.

Current TBR List

Updates on what I’m reading and will be reading next.

Weekend Writing Prompts

I provide prompts/exercises for people to do on weekends (or any time) that correspond to a theme.