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Painting Bookish Things I Love

May our songs always be heard.

Happy Thursday, Bookworms!

Today I wanted to share more art I recently made. After finishing “Brothersong” by TJ Klune last week, I immediately wanted to do a painting inspired by the series Green Creek (of which “Brothersong” concludes).

I kept it simple because I have way too many feelings this series (as you may have seen from my earlier review) that can’t be fully captured in an 8 x 10. The book covers are cohesive with paw prints and a color: Wolfsong (gold-ish/#1), Ravensong (red/#2), Heartsong (green/#3), and Brothersong (purple #4). The words are a quote from the series, one of many I found so meaningful.

I highly recommend reading Klune’s Green Creek series (really any of his books) 💙


Materials used: pencil, metallic/regular acrylic paints, 8 x 10 cotton canvas