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The Bookshelf Corner Is On Summer Break!

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Hi all!

I’ll be off for the next two weeks with nothing but fun and relaxation (and, of course, books!) on my mind. I’ll still be around here and there checking the Reader on occasion and maybe posting/updating my Twitter and Goodreads.

New posts will resume JULY 1.

Have a great day and summer everyone!

And, as always, happy reading and happy writing!



Blog Milestone: 100th Posted Book Review

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The coolest thing happened yesterday: I posted my 100th book review to this blog. Another huge milestone that I can’t believe I was able to achieve! I knew when I started this blog that I wanted to do book reviews foremost – because who doesn’t love talking about books?! Sometimes writing reviews were easy, sometimes hard. And sometimes I didn’t know what to say. But I could feel with each review I wrote that I was getting a little better at it until I found a method that worked for me. I’m also happy to see people are enjoying them – thank you for the lovely likes and comments!

Anyway, this is just a quick post for the day. I’m at a loss for words, haha!

Thanks for stopping by The Bookshelf Corner!

As always, happy reading!

100th Book Review: Treasured by Thursday by Catherine Bybee

Image via Goodreads

Summary (via Goodreads):
The seventh and final tale in the dazzling, heartwarming, pulse-racing Weekday Brides series.

Gabriella Masini: She’s a woman haunted by her past, with the scars to prove it. She believes that fairy tales are for other people. An elite matchmaker at Alliance, she’s great at crunching numbers, but something doesn’t add up with her latest prospective client: a billionaire bad boy with his own secrets. When Gabi refuses to be his temporary wife, Hunter forces her hand with an offer she can’t refuse. But marriage to a man like that could never last…or could it?

Hunter Blackwell: Only his bank account is bigger than his ruthless ability to obtain anything he wants. These days, he has a secret reason to settle down, at least for a while—and he thinks the sensual and sassy Gabi will fit the bill perfectly. But when their marriage of convenience becomes downright dangerous, Hunter must decide how far to take his vow to honor and protect Gabi forever.

Read Full Review here.

Currently Reading: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (The Folk of the Air, book 1)

Recent Reviews: Taken by Tuesday by Catherine Bybee, From Twinkle, with Love by Sandhya Menon

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Happy Book Release Day! to How We Roll by Natasha Friend

Thank you again to NetGalley and Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group for providing me with an e-ARC to read and review.

*title/author link leads to my review of How We Roll*

Image via NetGalley

How We Roll by Natasha Friend

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Rating:  4 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


Summary (via NetGalley):
Quinn is a teen who loves her family, skateboarding, basketball, and her friends, but after she’s diagnosed with a condition called alopecia which causes her to lose all of her hair, her friends abandon her. Jake was once a star football player, but because of a freak accident—caused by his brother—he loses both of his legs. Quinn and Jake meet and find the confidence to believe in themselves again, and maybe even love.

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Yourself, Feeling Down, Your Goals, and Moving Forward: A Motivational Video from Markiplier

This video was posted yesterday from one of YouTube’s biggest creators, Markiplier, someone who’ve I’ve admired for a long time and love his channel. It’s a short 7+ minute video that really resonated with me. And I think anyone can relate to and be inspired by.

“…it is absolutely okay to feel down. It’s absolutely okay to feel sad. You don’t have to put up a front of happiness. You don’t have to put up a fake wall of doing fine.”

“And you need to see the whole picture. You need to realize that some dreams carry a heavy price. But if they’re worth it, then nothing can stop you.”

Channel Source: Markiplier

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I’m Back: Blog Update, April Happenings & TBR List

Hello, all!

I hope you have been well.

I’ve been a way for far too long due to technical difficulties and wasn’t able to blog during that time (and now I’m behind on posts). I’m going to look at it as the universe telling me I needed a break – not necessarily a bad thing every now and then. While I’ve been away, I’ve mostly kept my nose buried in wonderful book after book, worked on a novel, and read/learned new things about publishing and writing.

Now I can finally get back to blogging. Here’s a little update:

  • New Posts return this coming Sunday


  • Upcoming Book Reviews
    • Scorpion Mountain by John Flanagan (Brotherband Chronicles, book 5)
    • Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega, book 5)
    • Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
    • Forever by Maggie Stiefvater (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, book 3)
    • The Ghostfaces by John Flanagan (Brotherband Chronicles, book 6)


  • Currently Reading
    • The Caldera by John Flanagan (Brotherband Chronicles, book 7)


  • Book Recommendation for April 2018

Night Train to Rigel by Timothy Zahn
Quadrail, book 1
First Published: 2005
Paperback Image Edition: October 3, 2006 by Tor Science Fiction
Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery, Space, Adventure, Action

Image via Goodreads

Goodreads Summary:

It begins when a man delivers a message for former government agent Frank Compton–only to fall dead at his feet. The message is a summons from the Spiders, the exotic and mysterious creatures who run the Quadrail, an incredible transportation system connecting civilizations across the galaxy. The Spiders believe that someone or something is preparing to attack their entire network and the worlds it serves, by smuggling battleships through the Quadrail–something that should be impossible to do. Compton, with the aid of a beautiful but enigmatic agent of the Spiders, is their last hope.

Because nobody else has been able to find the elusive enemy who seeks to enslave the entire galaxy…and Earth is its next target.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, I’ll be around reading others posts, looking for new books on Goodreads, tweeting and all that fun stuff.


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Happy Book Release Day! to Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

Thank you again to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with an e-ARC to read and review.

*title/author link leads to my review of Herding Cats*

Image via NetGalley

Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

Genre: Comics, Graphic Novel
Series: Sarah’s Scribbles, book 3
Rating: 5/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


Summary (via NetGalley):
Sarah’s Scribbles,  Goodreads Choice Award for 2016:  Best Graphic Novels & Comics

“. . . author Sarah Andersen uses hilarious (and adorable) comics to illustrate the very specific growing pains that occur on your way to becoming a mature, put-together grownup. Andersen’s spot-on illustrations also show how to navigate this newfound adulthood once you arrive, since maturity is equally as hard to maintain as it is to find … “
–The Huffington Post

Sarah valiantly struggles with waking up in the morning, being productive, and dealing with social situations. Sarah’s Scribbles is the comic strip that follows her life, finding humor in living as an adulting introvert that is at times weird, awkward, and embarrassing.


Bookish News: Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel

It was recently announced that the Tony award-winning Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen, would be adapted to a novel, to be published October 9, 2018 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. It’s written by Val Emmich with Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul.

Image via Barnes & Noble

I’ve never read a “stage to page” book, I don’t really know of any (if you do, let me know in the comments below). I haven’t seen the show and have only listened to a small part of the soundtrack, but I am interested in reading the novel adaptation.

Summary (via
 A letter that was never meant to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life he never dreamed he could have. Evan Hansen is about to get the one thing he’s always wanted: A chance to finally fit in.

Both deeply personal and profoundly contemporary, Dear Evan Hansen is the new American musical about life and the way we live it.

I think this story will be able find a home in the YA sphere, with its fans and new readers. I wish I could see the show before the book comes out but I doubt that’ll happen. But one can only hope. I’ll be keeping my eye on this for the time being.

Have you seen Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway or listened to the soundtrack? What are your thoughts on this story and it being adapted to a novel?