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Writing Playlist #7: Disney Edition (part two)

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* in no particular order


“The Firebird” – by Igor Stravinsky [1919 version] – Fantasia 2000

“Under the Sea”The Little Mermaid

“Be Prepared” – The Lion King

“Zero to Hero” – Hercules

“A Star Is Born” – Hercules

“When You Wish Upon A Star” – Pinocchio

“Eye to Eye” – A Goofy Movie

“Why Should I Worry?” – Olive & Company

“Miracles Happen” – The Princess Diaries

“Shiny” – Moana

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Disney (pt.1)


Writing Playlist #6: Disney Edition (part one)

Music from Disney movies is fantastic, wondrous, and spellbinding. Not only does a song compliment the movie it’s in so perfectly but it stretches the scene within the imagination into something out of this world. Making up a playlist of Disney songs was a must-do. Since this is a part one – because there are SO many Disney songs that I love – this list will contain my absolute faves from the magical world of Disney:

* in no particular order


“Circle of Life” – The Lion King

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” – The Lion King

“A Whole New World” – Aladdin

“Part of Your World” – The Little Mermaid

“Reflection” – Mulan

“I’ll Make A Man Out of You” – Mulan

“Beauty and the Beast” – Beauty and the Beast

“Go the Distance” – Hercules

“Two Worlds” – Tarzan

“Son of Man” – Tarzan

“When Will My Life Begin?” – Tangled

“Colors of the Wind” – Pocahontas

“How Far I’ll Go” – Moana

“Dig A Little Deeper” – The Princess and the Frog

“Let It Go” – Frozen

Past Playlists:


Writing Playlist #5: Broadway Edition

I’ve been waiting for this all year. Today is the Tony Awards, my favorite awards show, and Kevin Spacey is hosting! I’m looking forward to all the performances, especially Dear Evan Hansen, and seeing James Earl Jones, one of my favorite actors, receive a special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre.

I love the theatre. Musicals – the performing arts – have been a huge part of my life and have inspired me so much. So in honor of this special occasion, I’ve put together a playlist of Broadway songs that inspire my (and hopefully your) writing:


“A Brand New Day” – The Wiz

“Brotherhood of Men” – How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

“Dear Theodosia” – Hamilton

“Defying Gravity” – Wicked

“Find Your Grail” – Spamalot

“I Know Where I’ve Been” – Hairspray

“King of Pride Rock / Circle of Life (Reprise)” – The Lion King

“Mamma Mia” – Mamma Mia

“My New Philosophy” – You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

“Non-Stop” – Hamilton

“One Day More” – Les Misérables

“Raise Your Voice” – Sister Act

“Revolting Children” – Matilda the Musical

“Ring of Keys” – Fun Home

“The Wizard and I” – Wicked


Weekend Writing Prompts #2

♦This weekend’s theme is: MUSIC♦

—find inspiration for your writing with these songs—


Song: “Decode” | Artist: Paramore

Channel Source: Fueled By Ramen

~       ~       ~


Song: “Rise” | Artist: Katy Perry | Cover By: SUPERFRUIT, Mary Lambert, Brian Justin Crum, Mario Jose

Channel Source: SUPERFRUIT

~       ~       ~


Song: “Dear Theodosia” | Artist: Lin-Manual Miranda; Hamilton (musical) | Performed By: Leslie Odom Jr. (as Aaron Burr), Lin-Manuel Miranda (as Alexander Hamilton)

Channel Source: Leslie Odom Jr. – Topic

~       ~       ~


Song: “Radioactive” | Artist: Imagine Dragons | Cover By: Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix

Channel Source: Lindsey Stirling

~       ~       ~


Songs: “I See The Light” (Tangled), “You’ll Be In My Heart” (Tarzan), “Go The Distance” (Hercules) | Performed By: Voctave; feat. Kirstin Maldonado & Jeremy Michael Lewis

Channel Source: Voctave


Writing Playlist #4: “Glee” Edition

Today’s writing playlist are all songs from the TV musical show, Glee. I remember when Glee first started I didn’t think much of it, that it wasn’t my kind of show. But I gave it a chance and fell in love with it – the songs, the characters, the tackling on social issues. Seasons 1 through 3 are my favorites, after that it kind of lost its memento with me but I still watched. Still, Glee has a special place in my heart. RIP Cory Monteith aka Finn Hudson.

Because of this show I learned about and fell in love with a lot of songs I’d never/barely heard of. Some covers made me re-fall in love with certain songs like the Journey medley from Season 1. A lot of the songs from Glee really get the creative juices flowing- great scenes can be written from them.

In no particular order and with who sang the song (to the best of my knowledge) in the show:


“Defying Gravity” – Rachel and Kurt (S1)

“Somebody to Love” – New Directions (S1, by Queen)

“Faithfully” – Rachel, Finn, New Directions

“Any Way You Want It/Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” (mash-up) – New Directions

“Don’t Stop Believin'” – The New Directions (S1)

“Keep Holding On” – New Directions (S1)

“Roots Before Branches” – Rachel, Finn

“Loser Like Me” – Rachel, Santana, Finn, Brittany, New Directions (S2)

“Rise” – New Directions

“Raise Your Glass” – Blaine, Dalton Academy Warblers (S2)

“Here’s To Us” – Rachel, New Directions

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Finn, New Directions

“All of Nothing” – Marley, Blaine, New Direction

“The Scientist” – Rachel, Finn, Will Schuester, Emma Pilsbury, Santana, Brittany, Kurt, Blaine

“Singin’ In The Rain/Umbrella” (mash-up) – Will Schuester, Holly Holliday

“I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” (mash-up) – Quinn, Rachel

“Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars” (mash-up) – Jean-Baptiste, Throat Explosion

“True Color” – Tina, New Directions

“Chasing Pavements” – Marley, New Directions

“I’ll Stand By You” – Finn (S2)


I’ve done three previous playlists if you’d like to check them out: a general playlist, an old-school edition, and Hamilton edition.

That’s it for today’s post. I’ve always felt music and writing go hand in hand, so I hope you enjoyed it.

And, as always, happy writing!


Writing Playlist #3: “Hamilton” Edition

I really love music and have been enjoying creating these writing playlists. For this list I picked songs from my (still) current musical obsession, Hamilton: An American Musical. When I was first listening to this soundtrack it felt so uplifting and inspiring. The writing was just so beautiful and good. I found myself picturing scenes of new story ideas in my head, ideas that begged to be written down. It’s such a great soundtrack/musical with so many fantastic songs to sing and dance to.

Hamilton: An American Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda | Image via Amazon

In track order, here is my writing playlist made from my top favorite Hamilton songs:

“Alexander Hamilton”

“My Shot”

“The Story of Tonight”

“The Schuyler Sisters”

“You’ll Be Back”



“Wait For It”

“Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)”


“Take A Break”

“The Room Where It Happens”

“One Last Time”

“It’s Quiet Uptown”

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

This post was immediately followed by a jam session of epic proportions, of course. There are 46 songs total on the soundtrack, so I begrudgingly had to narrow this list down to keep it relatively short. The writer/music lover/musical theater geek in me just loves Hamilton and…well, you know I could gush about it all day so I’ll leave it there.

But I hope you enjoy this list and today’s post. I wrote two previous lists, a general playlist and an old-school edition list, if you’d like to check those out.

If you’re a fan of Hamilton, what are your favorite songs from the soundtrack? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comment section below.

And, as always, happy writing!