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Audiobooks. Ebooks. Physical books. Thoughts?

Happy Tuesday, Bookworms!

What is your preferred way to read?

I’ve been thinking about this question lately because it often comes up in bookish circles. Much like learning we have different ways to read and enjoy stories. I thought then to maybe write a blog post on my thoughts about audiobooks, physical books, and ebooks.



I used to listen to audiobooks during my early days as an avid reader. I remember listening to (and liking) books by Tamora Pierce and John Flanagan. I read more than listened to books back then. Nowadays I don’t listen to audiobooks anymore. I wouldn’t be able to focus on the story. If I did decide to listen to an audiobook, it would have to be a book that I’ve already read and loved so that I don’t miss out on anything.



When I first started getting into books I didn’t like ebooks. I didn’t think I could enjoy a story the same way I would with a physical copy. Then one year, I was gifted a kindle and decided (with some trepidation) to use it. As the years went by I used my kindle more and more. Now I’m a fan of ebooks and its many benefits.

Ebooks are definitely a money saver and I like being able to carry a bunch of books around with me in one convenient device. I also like that I can read on my laptop or tablet, an added bonus to ebooks. I receive most of my NetGalley arcs as ebooks, so in that regard my kindle has been very beneficial to me.


P H Y S I C A L   B O O K S

I will always prefer to read a physical book. I love holding a story (tangible magic) in my hands. I love the feel and look of it. And how can I resist that new book smell?! There’s just this special connection I get when reading from a physical book. I also love seeing some of the books I’ve read on my bookshelves. Books are the perfect room decor.


All in all, I prefer physical and ebooks but am not opposed to audiobooks. I’ve recently seen some rave audiobook reviews of books I love, such as for TJ Klune’s “Tales From Verania” series. Now I’m kind of interested in maybe trying a few. NetGalley recently added audiobooks to their site, which was big bookish news this month.

What are your thoughts on books, ebooks, and audiobooks? What is your preferred way to read?

As Always, Happy Reading!!!

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