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Poem: “The House” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner [After Jack Spicer]

“The House” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner [After Jack Spicer]

Author’s Note: Another poem I wrote as a part of a class exercise while studying poet Jack Spicer’s work.

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This house is bare,
here the walls are bare,
stripped down and bare.

Secrets exposed to
large intrusive ears
perked to catch a word.

Floors creak and creak
with the weight of an
epiphany-bulb realized too late.

Secrets exposed through holes
by strobe light fury
in white-washed rooms.

Muck-stained windows
trash the floors with
fractured sunlight.

Cram in dark corners
the creaks and muck,
and the lingering fury.

Splash upon these too
bare walls something good
in exchange for kept secrets.

Or let the house fall,
collapse in a relieved faint
and bury those bare secrets.

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Poem: “Red Roses” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner [After Shane McCrae]

“Red Roses” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner [After Shane McCrae]

Author’s Note: So this was a poem I wrote in school as a part of a class exercise where we had to write poetry in the style of the poets we were reading. This poem I came up with after Shane McCrae’s style I really liked how it turned out. We were reading/studying McCrae’s book of poetry entitled Mule: Poems. He has a perplexing, unique writing style that really fascinated me, which made this exercise fun to do. So today, I thought I’d share with you this little blast from the past.

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“Red Roses”
After Shane McCrae


she thanks him for the roses

bleeding roses          too tight

you’ll snap his heart in two

and all the things he loves          he loves you

about you          will fall / in a slow          waltz

with the wind

drifting down to earth

where all things crumble          / fall

shrivel          a plummet to nowhere

one by one          the things he loves about you

fall          / a mix of ash and red /          fall

stains the ground with longing and sorrow

you can’t give them back          go back

restore them to a cheery cherry color

by the dozen          keep them and him whole

water will sustain them before they          / fall

hushed and red pricked hands

she thanks him for the roses

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“A Man and His Ship” by christina15bk/Christina

“A Man and His Ship” © 2015 by christina15bk (Christina/The Bookshelf Corner) | Revised Jan 13, 2017

Setting sail for adventure
Out towards an ocean –
A toiling, roiling body
Fit to test the audacious man
Who thinks himself
The mightiest of men,
A spirit that can’t be tamed.

His ship is him
And he the ship –
Bound, joined in holy camaraderie.
Together they have braved grave waves
That at times curved high,
Leaned forward, bent slightly
As if to coddle and protect
But instead intent to crash, smash, dash
Back into itself.

This man, the strongest, they say,
Was born with no fear.
He packs, stacks his ship
With goods and crew,
Feeling courage and luck firmly girdled to his belt.

With dawn illuminating at his back,
He releases his ship from the docks.
A joyous crowd watches the ship slip and dip away
But did not see it sink at the end of the day.

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“Late Night Drive” – Poem by christina15bk

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Driving on these paved streets,
darkness enveloping my way,
a deep blackened void
devoid of anything but the sounds
of nature’s night revelry.
And as I drive, two streaks of light
lighting my way forward
and bright beacons of white and red
shinning around me,
I cannot help but think of
what brought these humans out
so late at night?
Where might they be going
with only headlights and stars to guide them?
I, heading one way, and you another.
What journey may lie in this darkness?
But we have gathered together,
racing by one another,
disappearing and reappearing,
to reach a point of conclusion.
Whether guided or not
we will make it there
through this dark, almost desolate place,
a path laid before us to somewhere.

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“Can’t Be Stopped” – Poem by christina15bk

Free Image from Pixabay

Perhaps this is the time

I should be my own hero

No one else can walk this path

It’s me who has to go

If I want answers

I’ll have to search for them myself

I won’t stop

There’ll be bumps along the road

I’ll face them alone if I must

Push aside the doubts and worries

I’ve just got to trust

This strength that’s inside of me

It’s been there all this time

I can’t be stopped

I’ll climb every mountain

to reach for the stars

Don’t need to look back

to see how far

I’ve come a long way

to reach the top

I won’t stop

I can’t be stopped

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“That One Day, That Someday” – Poem by christina15bk

We spent our whole lives
wondering who we ought to be
How to look, how to dress
what to do, what to say
But behind our dreaming eyes
shines the stars of success,
of roads painted gold
and happiness in abundance
We traversed the world
chasing after that glory,
riding along rocky, tumultuous roads
Sometimes we didn’t know
if we would make it
And all them nay-sayers
thought we’d up and quit,
trying to bash our dreams
into fairydust
But we wouldn’t give up
because we were after
that one day, that someday
By our strength and determination
we achieved more than we expected
By not giving up and
surrendering to our inner demons
We rise, uplifted by the commitment
to our passionate dreams
and the fervent desire to reach
that one day, that someday
So I decided to write a poem for today’s post. I mainly prefer writing fiction over poetry but occasionally I’ll write a poem, especially if I’m feeling really moved by something. Typically, when I write a poem it starts off as a song of a few lines that pop into my head. I’m not the best at writing poetry but I still enjoy writing it on occasion. What inspired this poem was my looking back on my life, at how hard I worked to accomplish my goals despite all the obstacles I had to overcome and how happy I am to have achieved that one day, that someday.