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Quote of the Day: The Power Of A Writer’s Imagination

This is what I love about writers, writing, and being a writer – this uncanny, magical ability of the imagination that can craft stunning and compelling stories. To write is to create. To create is to imagine. To imagine is to see beyond, as Toni Morrison says, “what is not the self,” the “strange” as something familiar, and the familiar as something “mystify[ing].” For example, in a book I recently read, a character describes the first sight of an approaching mountain range as (something like) “teeth” peaking over the horizon. The mountains (the familiar) became mystified by being compared to teeth – a strange but beautiful description on the writer’s part. This is a great quote in relation to writers and writing.

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Quote of the Day: Born To Write?

I have so many interests and passions that there are times when I wonder if writing was what I was born to do. But I know within the depths of my soul that the writer’s path is where I am meant to walk. Whenever I come up with the right words, those precise descriptions, those dynamic characters, those scenes that can be experienced by all senses…and with each passing book I read….I feel enveloped in such a wonderful feeling. I am now more than ever sure of what I want to be – what I choose to be. For the written word is something that holds endless possibilities.