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Waiting On Wednesday – June 23, 2021

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine where you spotlight a highly anticipated book.

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Happy Wednesday, Bookworms!

I am on the edge of my seat for the release of The Righteous by Renée Ahdieh.

The previous book was really good but ended with a huge cliffhanger due to something I nearly forgot about. It was a game-changer for some characters, so I’m very curious of what the fallout will be in book 3.

The fact that The Righteous will be from Pippa and Arjun’s POVs also has me curious and thrilled because we are going to get to learn more about these two interesting characters.

I am so hooked on this series! Also the cover is gorgeous!

The Righteous is set to be released November 9, 2021.

ABOUT: Pippa Montrose is tired of losing everything she loves. When her best friend Celine disappears under mysterious circumstances, Pippa resolves to find her, even if the journey takes her into the dangerous world of the fae, where she might find more than she bargained for in the charismatic Arjun Desai.

As Always, Happy Reading!!!

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About Books

🧛 My Vampire Book Shelfies & Other Reads To Sink Your Teeth In 🧛

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Happy Wednesday, Bookworms!

What are some of your favorite books featuring vampires?

I didn’t know notice until this month but I own a lot of books featuring vampires. Interesting, considering werewolves are my favorite supernatural beings.

Below are shelfies of my collection – all series I recommend.

Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

4 books (total)


House of Night – P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

12 books (total)


He’s My Only Vampire – Aya Shouoto

10 volumes (total)


Shadow World – Dianne Sylvan

7 books (ongoing)

Vampire book series I’d also recommend are The Beautiful series by Renée Ahdieh – so far I’ve loved this series!) and the manga series (and anime) Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino.

One vampire series I want to read at some point is Seraph of the End by Takaya Kagami. It’s a dystopian fantasy in which vampires rule over humans and their is a group of human warriors fighting to take back humanity. I watch and loved the anime, which means I have to read the manga.

Others on my tbr are:

  • Crave by Tracy Wolff
  • The Dark Awakening by D.L. Blade, and
  • Crimson Born by Amy Patrick

I do need more vampire books to read. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know! Many thanks 😊

As Always, Happy Reading!

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Book Reviews

Book Review: About A Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Argeneau #22
Recommend to Others?: No

ABOUT: With immortal good looks and scorching charisma, Justin Bricker has yet to meet a woman he can’t win over. His potential life mate should be no different. But instead of falling into his bed, Holly Bosley runs away and ends up mortally wounded. To save her, he has to turn her. And then Bricker learns the shocking truth: Holly’s already married.

Holly wakes up with a bump on her head, a craving for blood, and a sexy stranger who insists they belong together. She needs Bricker’s help to control her new abilities, even as she tries to resist his relentless seduction. Choosing between the world she knows and the eternity he offers is impossible. But Justin is fighting for his life mate—maybe even his life—and he’ll break every rule to do it.


My Review: I did not enjoy About A Vampire. Below is a rather conflicting review but please bear with me as I try to make sense of everything.

The more I read the more I disliked Justin and I couldn’t remember why I wanted to read this book in the first place. I only kept reading because this is the first book I’ve encountered where a “mate” is already married when they meet the destined mate. I wanted to know how the book would handle that despite everything.

I didn’t like this book mostly because of Justin. He has nothing in common with Holly except the life mate bond. He shows no respect for her or the fact that she is married. The end goal always seemed to be having great life mate sex with her. Most of the time he just wants to sleep with her. And even though it’s an immortal rule not to interfere in human marriages or influence a life mate who was already married before they turned, he still does it anyway. His only redeeming quality is that I know he’d treat Holly right if she accepts him as a life mate.

The other immortals treated Holly kindly and helped her adjust to this new life. But then there are other times it seemed like they didn’t care that she was married and seemingly worked to help Justin win over Holly. They meant no harm. Given their long existence, they knew Holly and Justin were inevitable. Despite knowing this perspective, it was still incredibly hard to like this story. And Holly doesn’t put up much resistance or fight for her marriage.

Holly is an admirably honorable woman despite her unusual situation. But I don’t think Holly’s marriage would have lasted. It seemed more like a marriage of convenience. There were a few glaring red flags in the language she used when talking about being married and James, as well as the lack of fight she put up to defend her marriage.

As a whole, Holly and Justin were so-so characters; neither flat or dynamic. I did however like Gia for her impartial wisdom towards Holly and Justin.

The ending wrapped up too conveniently and nicely and unsatisfactorily. While I can see and understand both human and immortal (not vampire) perspectives, but this book just couldn’t cut it for me.

Argeneau series
Immortal Ever After (#18)

About Books

My Favorite Books Featuring Vampires

Happy Saturday, Bookworms!

What are some of your favorite books featuring vampires?

Looking back I realize I haven’t read many vampire books even though I love vampires. But the ones I have I really enjoyed. Some of my favorites are:

  • Twilight series – Stephenie Meyer (the nostalgia!)
  • House of Night series – P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (teenage angst in vampire form!)
  • Shadow World series – Dianne Sylvan (epic!)
  • The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh (unbelievably good!)
  • He’s My Only Vampire by Aya Shouoto (my first vampire manga!)

Twilight was I think my first foray into vampire books. It was my everything, especially when the movies started coming out. Will I read Midnight Sun? Probably not. I’m not really into reading the same story again but from a different perspective.

Two books I am looking forward to reading are:

  • Crave by Tracy Wolff (bookstagram convinced me)
  • The Damned by Renée Ahdieh (that cliffhanger broke my heart, fix it!)

If you have any suggestions for other vampire books, please let me know!

As Always, Happy Reading!!!

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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Series: The Beautiful #1
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes
Favorite Quote: “Knowing who you are is necessary in order to determine who you want to be.”


ABOUTIn 1872, New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead. But to seventeen-year-old Celine Rousseau, New Orleans provides her a refuge after she’s forced to flee her life as a dressmaker in Paris. Taken in by the sisters of the Ursuline convent along with six other girls, Celine quickly becomes enamored with the vibrant city from the music to the food to the soirées and—especially—to the danger. She soon becomes embroiled in the city’s glitzy underworld, known as La Cour des Lions, after catching the eye of the group’s leader, the enigmatic Sébastien Saint Germain. When the body of one of the girls from the convent is found in the lair of La Cour des Lions, Celine battles her attraction to him and suspicions about Sébastien’s guilt along with the shame of her own horrible secret.

When more bodies are discovered, each crime more gruesome than the last, Celine and New Orleans become gripped by the terror of a serial killer on the loose—one Celine is sure has set her in his sights . . . and who may even be the young man who has stolen her heart. As the murders continue to go unsolved, Celine takes matters into her own hands and soon uncovers something even more shocking: an age-old feud from the darkest creatures of the underworld reveals a truth about Celine she always suspected simmered just beneath the surface.


My Review:
It’s been a long time since I’ve read a vampire story. The Beautiful turned out better than I thought it would me – so good!

Renée Ahdieh writes so beautifully (pun much intended)! It was impossible for me to not become enamored with this sinfully sweet story. She paints 1872 New Orleans (US) with dark romantic beauty and fanatical drama.

Celine is a refreshing and clever main character. She’s a bold and brash dreamer. Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. She literally and figuratively is fighting against demons as she tries to build a new life for herself in New Orleans. There’s an honest loyalty I love about her character that makes her the perfect MC for this story.

Celine and Sébastian are perfect for each other. They are so much alike – match for match – that they also become the other’s foil. The romance aspect is really good, tantalizing even. There’s a love triangle, but I think it’s a pivotal consequence towards how this story will eventually end.

The Beautiful is emotionally compelling: violent and dark, bittersweet yet honeyed, a charm that can’t be replicated. Encompassing rich details, fascinating characters, and an evocative plot.

This easily became one of my top favorite reads of 2020 so far. And that cliffhanger! I am definitely going to read the sequel, The Damned.