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Weekend Writing Prompt #92

Line paper drawing that says "Weekend Writing Prompt" with the blog's website at the bottom.PROMPT: Write a detailed description of a spooky, haunted location (real or made up).


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[My 200th] Book Review: “Glow of the Fireflies” by Lindsey Duga

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 4 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


ABOUT: Briony never planned to go back to the place she lost everything.

Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in her past. After an unexplained fire gave Briony amnesia, her mother disappeared and her dad moved them to Knoxville.

But now her grandmother needs a caretaker and Briony’s dad volunteers her to help. The moment she returns, her whole world shifts. She feels a magical connection to this valley, as if it’s literally part of her somehow.

And when she meets a hot guy who claims he was her childhood friend but now mysteriously keeps his distance, Briony starts piecing together her missing past…and discovers her mother didn’t leave to start a new life somewhere. She’s trapped in the hidden world within the valley.

Now, Briony will do whatever it takes to rescue her, even if it means standing up against dangerously powerful nature spirits. Even if it means giving up her first love.


My Review:
Glow of the Fireflies is a must read, new young adult fantasy book. I adored the story, loved the characters, and thought the writing was captivating.

The cover is absolutely gorgeous and, I will admit, was what first piqued my interest. I love fireflies; they’re so pretty. Combined with the aesthetically pleasing artwork and you get one resplendent cover art.

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen deeply in love with a story’s plot. Glow of the Fireflies was put together so well. I like how the book starts out so seamlessly innocent inciting incident and then quickly turns into chaos.

Briony thought she might get some answers to questions that have haunted her for years. Well she gets that and so much more than she (or the reader) could have ever guessed. Once Briony and Alder, her long-ago childhood friend, come to a major decision, it took too long to get to something new. Things got repetitive.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by all the plot twists but I was and pleasantly so. Glow of the Fireflies had the right amount of tension, the right amount of danger, and the right amount of romance. This was a good read that I wish there had been at least another 30-50 pages more of. The book is a magically perfect YA fantasy standalone novel. I want to read more books by Lindsey Duga.

Writing Prompts

Weekend Writing Prompt #35

Supernatural Beings: Choose an image to write about. Who is this deity/being? What are their powers? How do they influence daily life? What do they want from the main character.

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